Village Hall Rental and Use Policy

General Policy and User Obligations



  1. Requests are on a first come - first serve basis. 
  2. The Village retains the right to refuse the use of any property or equipment. 
  3. Rental agreement is not transferable to third parties. 
  4. Fees must be paid in advance of use unless prearranged.
  5. All users in charge must be at least twenty one years old. 
  6. Building modifications or use of equipment or displays that damage property are not allowed. 
  7. Renters are responsible for damage to property and equipment and will be required to make restitution for any and all damage or loss.
  8. All renters are responsible for clean-up.

User Obligations

  1. No smoking.
  2. No alcoholic beverages.
  3. Ensure bathrooms are left clean.
  4. All floor surfaces must be vacuumed and/or mopped before leaving.
  5. Tables and chairs must be put back the way they were found.
  6. Remove all trash (place in dumpster by alley) and replace trash bags.
  7. Ensure all kitchen facilities are cleaned and any utensils are cleaned and put away.
  8. All decorations must be removed. Do not put any tape on ceiling tile or wwall paper.
  9. Ensure that lights are turned off and doors locked. 
  10. Turn thermostat down to 65 (winter) and turn air conditioner off (summer). 

Usage Fees and Rental Instructions


Residents (61882 zip code) - $50.00 per event.

Non-residents - $75.00 per event.

Not-for-profit, community events - user fee may be waived or modified at the discretion of the Board.

  • Users must ensure the building is kept clean and undamaged.  
  • Users are responsible for any damage done during the use of the building and will be billed for these damages or unusual cleaning costs.  
  • Users will be responsible for setting up tables and chairs based on their needs and returning tables and chairs to their original setup. 

To reserve the hall,  contact Annie at 217.412.4811.

Rental Agreement


Download the rental agreement.